Canyon de Chelly

We were driving along the scenic road on Canyon de Chelly*; we were on the next to last stop on the scenic route.

We stopped so that Cheri could get a few photos. As Cheri started down the trail, I realized that the walk was too hot for me, so I returned to the jeep.

Shortly thereafter the driver of the car next to us returned to his car.

His teenage daughter was literally dragging her feet across the Enter/Exit markings.

Girl: Okay, Dad, now you have seen everything, right?
Dad: Nope. I have to make one more stop.
Girl: Jeez
Dad: I didn’t dream about this place all of my life, not to make every stop.


* Canyon de Chelly is in the Navajo Nation


[Unsolicited advice: Don’t waste your money at Four Corners. The physical monuments are much more spectular.]

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