Duped by NASA

NASA is an organization that is leading us down the wrong path. There are numerous books that will explain the fallacy of the solar system. This is one of the many strange things that I learned today from a couple of coffee shop philosophers Sammy and Mark. They were trying to match each other, conspiracy for conspiracy.

For example, yesterday Mark informed me that there is an asteroid that is big enough that unless it is broken up, the earth will experience severe damage. [Maybe we don’t have to be concerned about climate change.] I am fairly selective about the conspiracies I believe in. For example, I double-checked spaceweather.com, which has been reliable on issues in the past.

The spaceweather.com site states that “None of the known PHAs* is on a collision course with our planet.” I pointed this out to Mark. His response was that they just want to hide the truth from us.

* Potentially Hazardous Asteroids


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