Ronald for President

I was walking toward home, when I encountered Ronald. Ronald is the local candidate running for president as the Constitutional Party candidate.

He asked if I was walking toward a coffee shop. I said that I was. I asked if I could buy him a cup of coffee. He said yes.

Naturally I assumed that he was referring to the coffee shop across the street, the Bisbee Coffee Company (BCC). I made a turn toward the BCC, but he stopped me. “No, I am 86ed from that coffee shop.” I was shocked, the only persons that I knew to be 86ed from the BCC, had walked around the coffee shop insulting people.

I asked him what he had done. He said that he had gotten a little too exuberant with his worship.

A candidate should probably not get 86ed from the common place to kick-off a candidacy.

Attack of the Beggar

A fellow was sitting on the edge of the sidewalk downtown. As usual he was wearing a black shirt which had the numeral 9 on it.

He was eating a burrito, but he managed to beg for change.

I thought that this was humorous. I chuckled as I walked by. I guess I thought it was a little too funny. A few steps later I felt something hit me on my left shoulder blade.