Pissing Match

The Red Sky was a tattoo parlor across the street from our place in Tucson. Despite the proximity to the Red Sky, we had spent little time talking with each other. 

Wednesday is the apprentice’s day off, so Tuesday evening was like shore leave. At closing time an apprentice, Shawn, and his friend needed to use the restroom, but bars pushed customers out the door.

The apprentice told his friend that the he knew a place that they could use to relieve themselves. The apprentice showed his friends the alley behind the tattoo parlor.

Unfortunately the alley was quite narrow, and the guys pissed on each others pant legs. This led to an argument of who pissed on whose pant legs.

A third friend showed up to try to get Shawn go home, but to no avail. 

Shawn was the drunker of the two. Mickey, the neighbor across the street, and I were enjoying the absurdity of the situation. We listened until the threats to each other became more serious. It was all fun until the argument threatened to escalate to a higher level. 

On this ocassion, the cops showed up promptly. As the police appoached, the closer-to-sober asked the other asked the other guy, “Are you going to tell them what we were arguing about or should I?”

The cops loaded the two guys into separate squad cars, with the hope that once the guys had a taste of the squad car that the would go home on their own volition. No such luck; the closer-to-sober left for home, but the other guy choose to attack the cops.

The cops had no choice, they had to arrest the guy. Once they had taken care of the drunk, one of cops brought a form over to me so that I could have him changed with disturbing the peace.

A Musician’s Faith

Pat plays at local bars. He claims no particular faith.

When he plays he concentrates on his music. However, he does has a sense of his audiences, and interesting people within his audience.

He told me about a “gentle spirit” sitting in the back of the Copper Queen Saloon one Saturday evening.

It turned out that he was an Episcopalian priest. He closed his Sunday sermon by commenting that he had been listening to music at the Copper Queen the night before.

Not a bad advertisement for the troubadour who claimed no faith.

Penny Smokes a Cigarette

A few years ago I was in Barrett for the 24th of June celebration*. Several of us were sitting in a pavilion booth, including Penny, who was sitting next to me. Penny was smoking a cigarette.

She nodded her head and continued her conversation with some of her friends. She was considerate of them; she held her cigarette in her left hand, away from her friends, but toward me. 

Her hand moved such that her cigarette ash burned me. I said, “Excuse me” with the hope that she would do something about her cigarette. I got no reaction from her. 

I pulled the burning cigarette out of her hand; still no reaction from Penny.

I burned Penny’s hand, and she jerked the her hand away but still continued her conversation oblivous to the cigarette burn.


The 24th of June is the annual celebration of Barrett.