Quality Bread

Delmont is an entrepreneur who bakes bread and sells it. Numerous residents of Old Bisbee buy his bread.

Other residents are concerned about the bread’s quality, because the health department has never checked Delmont’s bakery.

Bubba and Myrtle are in the category of don’t trust uninspected products.

They had some guests over the other day.  Their guests gave them a couple loaves of bread. They didn’t realise that they were from Delmont’s bakery. They seem to have survived the occasion.


I met Billy at the High Desert Market. He said that he was walking to his car. He was carrying a fan belt. When he reached his car, I could see that the car was stuffed to the gills.

I thought that he would replace the fan belt, but he simply tossed it under the car.

The next day I saw Billy replacing the fan belt.