Hoarder ?

I got responses that had a different thoughts. Maybe the guy was living out of his car. However, the car seems to be too full to have room for his stuff, and him.

I have heard about people living of out of they “moved” to another city, especially a very expensive city like San Francisco.

In Bisbee, I heard the following statement, “I live in my car. I use the rent in order to make the house payments.”

Others use their storage units.


When I was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I lived in San Jose, CA. Over time the Parkinson’s symptoms started to show themselves more.

There was a McDonald’s in our neighborhood. One day I walked over to McDonald’s to get an evening meal. A woman, who appeared to be about my mother’s age, was also going to McDonald’s.

At about the approximately same distance the two of us noticed each other. I would have quickened my step to enable me to reach the door before the lady, to open it for her.

However, she had noticed that I was not particularly adept as an average person. She quickened her pace to reach the door before I did.