Faith Healer

I had just finished paying for my meal at the register of the High Desert Market in Bisbee. A couple of guys walked into the deli. The younger of the two singled me out. He asked if I had tried lots of things to deal with my disease.

He said that he had the gift of healing. I told him that I was a  skeptic, but he prayed for me anyway.

Then he asked if I felt anything different. I said that I felt a tingling in my hands. He said that was a common thing for healing; he now launched into another prayer to “seal the deal”.

I progressed toward home with my walking stick. He told Denise, a deli employee, that I walked away, cured. Denise had seen me walking toward home numerous times, uncured.

The next attempt to heal me I think I will run away before the healer can catch me.