Target Greeter

The other morning I dressed in a red polo shirt and khaki shorts. These are Target’s standard colors/uniform.

I was standing toward the front of the Target entrance, waiting for Cheri.

Just then couple guys entered the store. One man went to fetch a cart; the other came towards me. I noticed that this guy had a couple of coupons. Suddenly we both realized what was happening. We both were embarrassed. He spoke first “Oops, I guess you aren’t the greeter.” I concurred with him.

He joined his friend, and I moved to a place that was less visible from the entrance.

The “Pekemon” craze gets younger and younger

Recently Cheri and I made a trip to Minneapolis. We decided to go to the Mall Of America (MOA). While we were at MOA we saw a young woman pushing a stroller with two kids in it. The youngest kid was playing with an iPhone, probably playing Pokemon. The kid could hardly even talk, but he could play Pokemon!


We were taking a motorcycle trip along Route 66. We stopped in Amboy, a town that had seen better days. A group had recently begun to restore the town.

The restaurant walls had autographed posters of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley under glass. Earlier in the day I had seen a sign for the newly re-opened restaurant in Amboy.

When we got to the Amboy, the restaurant technically was open. The menu had one entry. The guy at the front desk yelled, “Roy, we need another sandwich”.

Roy walked out of the back of the restaurant. In his right hand he had a slice of wonder bread, and in his left a slice of sandwich meat. He slapped the two slices together to make a sandwich.

Quality Breads

Delmont is an entrepreneur who bakes bread and sells it. Numerous residents of Old Bisbee buy his bread.

Other residents are concerned about the bread’s quality, because the health department has never checked Delmont’s bakery.

Bubba and Myrtle are in the category of don’t trust uninspected products.

They had some guests over the other day.  Their guests gave them a couple loaves of bread. They didn’t realise that they were from Delmont’s bakery. They seem to have survived the occasion.