Quality Bread

Delmont is an entrepreneur who bakes bread and sells it. Numerous residents of Old Bisbee buy his bread.

Other residents are concerned about the bread’s quality, because the health department has never checked Delmont’s bakery.

Bubba and Myrtle are in the category of don’t trust uninspected products.

They had some guests over the other day.  Their guests gave them a couple loaves of bread. They didn’t realise that they were from Delmont’s bakery. They seem to have survived the occasion.

Attack of the Beggar

A fellow was sitting on the edge of the sidewalk downtown. As usual he was wearing a black shirt which had the numeral 9 on it.

He was eating a burrito, but he managed to beg for change.

I thought that this was humorous. I chuckled as I walked by. I guess I thought it was a little too funny. A few steps later I felt something hit me on my left shoulder blade.

What Time Is It?

On Sunday morning I was walking to the High Desert Market. I was stopped by a guy sitting on a rock ledge.
“Do you know what time it is”?
I said, “About 9”.
He said, “No, it is after 9”.

I thought, “Don’t ask me the question, if you already know the answer”.

Then he changed to beggar mode:
“Got any change”?
But he played the part without conviction.

Vodka Purchase

I took a walk around the block this evening. The temperature was warmer then it has been lately.

I saw Aqualung sitting on the bus stop across the street from the Circle K. He appeared to be sober, believe it or not. I haven’t seen him since last fall.

Aqualung: “Hey Pops. Wanna buy some vodka?”
[I assume that I was to buy it and give it to him.]
Roger: No thanks, I don’t drink.

Roger: Where have you been?
Aqualung: Mexico
[It seems that the wall was keeping the wrong people out.]

Bumming a Cigarette

I had just finished doing QiGong in Grassy Park.

I overheard a conversation between two women.

One woman had just borrowed a cigarette from the other.

A guy, carrying a guitar on his back, entered the park. He asked one of the women for a cigarette. She laughed and said, “I just bummed this one off of her” indicating the other woman.

Shortly after this the other woman was short two cigarettes.

Reminds me of a method to quit smoking:
Quit buying cigarettes, just borrow cigarettes.
Eventfully others will no longer give you a cigarette.
This is when the work begins, you have to learn to live without cigarettes.