Monsoons and Ditches

Last Monday we had a strong thunderstorm. After the rain storm, I wanted to see how much water was running in the ditch behind our house.

As I walked out of the house, I heard a voice saying, “Oh this is where you live”. It was Mark. I told him what I was checking to see how much water was running in the ditch. The water in the ditch was running only about 2 inches deep.

He said, “I’d like to sleep beside the ditch except that the bugs would eat me alive. And I would like to sleep with girls. I remember when the mosquitos were so bad that we had to go inside to get laid.”

He continued to reminisce. “The girls used to like me when I was younger. But that was when I had money, and I had all my teeth.”

I told him that he would be part of my next story.


The Bisbee Black Socks play baseball by the rules of 1880s. Clint plays for the Bisbee Black Socks.

He is also the token male of a Pilates group that meets in Warren*.

About a month ago Clint injured himself playing baseball. Given this accident, he couldn’t play baseball or do Pilates. So much for the token male. I joked that I could take the role of the token male. The women called my bluff and immediately one of them had offered me a ride.

The Pilates were quite difficult for me, but I recognized that I needed to join an exercise group. I have continued to do Pilates.

I hope that Clint will soon be able to play baseball, and do Pilates.


* Warren is a townsite that has been incorporated into the city of Bisbee.

Marvin’s Move

Marvin and I had a conversation as we walked along Tombstone Canyon Blvd toward the High Desert Market. He said that the “block” seemed to be getting longer all the time.

Marvin is moving to southwest Missouri to live with his sister. He won’t have to pay any rent because his sister’s house is paid off. He will pay half the utilities.

They don’t always see eye-to-eye but then they each have someone to look after each other when necessary.

He is also excited about having a pickup when he has things to haul.

Yeah, in Missouri it snows and rains a lot.

Bumming a Cigarette

I had just finished doing QiGong in Grassy Park.

I overheard a conversation between two women.

One woman had just borrowed a cigarette from the other.

A guy, carrying a guitar on his back, entered the park. He asked one of the women for a cigarette. She laughed and said, “I just bummed this one off of her” indicating the other woman.

Shortly after this the other woman was short two cigarettes.

Reminds me of a method to quit smoking:
Quit buying cigarettes, just borrow cigarettes.
Eventfully others will no longer give you a cigarette.
This is when the work begins, you have to learn to live without cigarettes.

Beer Vending Machines

There is an innovation at Target Field, where the Major League All Star will be played next week. An adult fan can buy a card that can be used to get beer from a vending machine. A buyer can purchase up to 48 ounces every 15 minutes.


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Hide and Seek

We were with relatives in Fountain Hills yesterday. The town has a huge fountain that goes off hourly. There is a park around the fountain.

There is a pole that is wide enough to block the view of a person.

A man was playing an innovative game of hide-and-seek with his 5 year old daughter. He would position himself so that the pole hid him from the girl’s view. She would look for him, and run around the pole, and he would run around the pole as well.

I enjoyed watching the game, until I noticed that he was wearing a hospital band on his arm. I guess I have seen too many news reports of abductions; I found that I was watching the guy and the little girl in a different manner.

Then I noticed the “hospital band” was actually a watch band. Still the game was no longer enjoyable to watch.

North Dakota (Re)Visited

North Dakota (Re)Visited:

North Dakota is at the center of North America. To get to the geographical center of North America go to Rugby, North Dakota. There is an obelisk to mark the spot.* The more accurate spot is in a remote slough somewhere out of town†.

National Parks in North Dakota:
Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Universities in North Dakota:
University of North Dakota
North Dakota State University


* I remember that a friend commented on all the phallic monuments. She thought there should be a few yonic symbols on monuments.