Penny Smokes a Cigarette

A few years ago I was in Barrett for the 24th of June celebration*. Several of us were sitting in a pavilion booth, including Penny, who was sitting next to me. Penny was smoking a cigarette.

She nodded her head and continued her conversation with some of her friends. She was considerate of them; she held her cigarette in her left hand, away from her friends, but toward me. 

Her hand moved such that her cigarette ash burned me. I said, “Excuse me” with the hope that she would do something about her cigarette. I got no reaction from her. 

I pulled the burning cigarette out of her hand; still no reaction from Penny.

I burned Penny’s hand, and she jerked the her hand away but still continued her conversation oblivous to the cigarette burn.


The 24th of June is the annual celebration of Barrett.

There are no longer pay phones in Old Bisbee.

A silversmith, “Silver Czar”, has taken over the used bookstore, “Atalantas”. The change in occupancy, has among other changes, implied that the pay phone is gone. Atalantas had a pay phone for those who had no other means of making phone calls. [Who doesn’t have a cell phone these days?]

In Old Bisbee there are also a couple of non-functioning pieces from the era of pay phones. The Circle K has the symbol of a pay phone attached to the pipe that holds its prices, but no pay phones. Next to the Old Bisbee post office are two pay phone bodies with all external cords having been ripped off.

Request to Use Cell Phone

Cheri has been in the process of moving her studio to a different location. The path to the studio is a multi-step stairway.

I was walking up the steps to see how Cheri was doing. I stopped to rest along the way. Across the street from where I was sitting a woman walked out of her house. She was carrying what looked to be a bunch of electronics.

She asked me if she could use my cell phone. I asked her why she didn’t use her own cell phone. She changed the subject; she asked whether the property that I was resting on belonged to me. I said no but it was half-way to my destination. As if on cue Cheri called me on her cell phone.

At this point the woman returned to her side of the street, and made a call with her cell phone (using her own phone!). Then she returned into her house, and I continued up the path. Meanwhile the woman was weeping in the house.

iPhone map app

Why not use a map in your head?

In my motorcycle days I used to have a map in my head.

And for those cases in which I needed to consult the map again I could look up the route again quickly using a paper map.

Nowadays I am more likely to use my iPhone map app. Sometimes there are blatant errors, which are obviously incorrect. These include telling us to turn the wrong direction (right/left), or turn the wrong direction onto a one way. We still have to use logic to avoid accidents.

When I am functioning as a navigator in a vehicle I find that reading the map on a iPhone screen is difficult. By the time I get oriented correctly on the iPhone app, we are often past the decision point that I was looking up.

So why not just use a paper map?

Because of the quick access of an iPhone, we no longer use the paper map as often, and consequently the paper map is often unavailable. Even if it is available, medical issues such as astigmatism and lack of dexterity cause problems when using a paper map.

In summary, it is important to lay out a route before leaving home.


What is the identifying point for a location?

I can “pointalize” a city by name only. For example, using Cheyenne, WY as a point. This takes us to the capitol building.

Library WiFi

I was at the Copper Queen Library and I wanted to check out a URL. I walked over to the counter where the assistant librarian was, and asked for the wifi information for the library. 

She said that she would have “The Man Upstairs” come talk to me. In a couple of minutes Jason showed up, and greeted me by name.

Then he asked me if he could see my device. I handed him my iPhone. I assumed that he was going to check that my device would work with wifi.

Image my surprise when he began to enter information into my iPhone.

After about two minutes and 25 characters he handed my iPhone back to me. He said, “You are set up. Your wifi information won’t change. You can use it whenever you come to the library.”

Cell Phone Etiquette

[This is more than cell phone etiquette; it includes my pet peeves.]

Do not use your cell phone when making a purchase.
Do not use your cell phone when selling something.
Do not use your cell phone when in a restaurant.

Do not speak loudly on a cell phone in a public place.
Do not use your cell phone when sitting on the pot.
[For men only] Do not use your cell phone while using a urinal.

Phone Etiquette

I was standing at about fifth in line at the Family Dollar store. The two guys in front of me were discussing the use of phones while making purchases. At least that is what I thought they were discussing.

The guy first in line was talking on a cell phone. This guy’s cart had a long plastic pipe attached to the cart. This was obviously intended to keep people from taking the cart outside the store. The guy finished his call, swiped his card to make his payment, and proceeded to take his cart out the door.

I thought the drama was over when the guy bounced back into the store with the cart.

But no, the cashier was talking into her cell phone. She handled at least 5 customers while discussing the fact that she was supposed to work tomorrow, and there was a conflict with a baby baptism.

I hope the church doesn’t have a strong enough signal to make a call.

Greetings from Prince Charles

This morning I was sleeping, and Cheri was reading.

In a dream, I woke up to a phone call from Prince Charles.

I would probably have forgotten my dream except that Cheri felt the bed shaking and then saw my shoulders bouncing and wanted to know what was happening in my dream.

Usually I stay sleeping, Cheri asks me what my dream was, and I reply “What dream?” But this time since I was still sort of in my dream I was able to tell her the following:

Conversation between Prince Charles and me.

Roger: Hello
Charles: Happy Birthday
Roger: Thank you [long pause]
Charles:  Are you going to go swimming today?
Roger: [still dreaming] No we don’t have a pool.
Charles: [aside] Who is the birthday boy?

I wondered – How’d he get my number? Another problem with phone surveilance?

PS from Cheri
When Roger tried to tell me what he was dreaming, I at first could not understand what he was saying since he was still laughing through tears he then explained to me that Prince Charles called to wish him happy birthday. I was already laughing so when I was laughing until I cried, I decided that it was a grand way to start our morning in Boulder City, NV.

By The Way, I will be 66 years old on August 15.

Phone Breakup

As I was going for my midnight walk, I heard this conversation:

Woman: I am the best woman you ever had. I have been honest. I have been true. I have been pure. 

 I heard no response. Then I saw the light of a cellphone, and I realized that I was witnessing a phone breakup.

However, she shared with me as well as everybody else within earshot, what he said next over the phone. “I wish I could kill you”.  “I wish I could kill you,  F**k”.  

This appears to have been the end of the conversation.