Land of Enchantment

Some time ago we made a trip to Silver City, New Mexico.

We stopped in Silver City to get some groceries. The first person that we encountered in the store looked at me, said loudly “Hello, Whitey”. Did the guy confuse me with somebody that he knew, was this a racial reference, was the guy particularly impressed with my hair, or did he think that he was a greeter, ala WalMart? I had never seen the guy before, or since..

In any case my initial reaction to the “Land of  Enchantment” was a bit freaky.

Sudden Acceleration

The other day we drove to Jimmy’s, a hot-dog restaurant. Cheri turned into a parking spot. Suddenly instead of slowing down, the Jeep or Cheri accelerated. The Jeep ran into a planter made of bricks. Cheri said that she must not have moved her foot to the brake.

Cheri went into her what-have-I-done-now mode, alternating with the I-am-an-old-lady mode.

Because I wasn’t driving, the acceleration didn’t seem sensible. Maybe did she did accelerate by hitting the gas pedal harder. However I may have seen too many news reports of vehicles accelerating automatically. I wonder whether Cheri accelerated or the Jeep automatically accelerated.

Freezer Bags II

The intention of the bags is to hold doggy doo-doo, and for the bags to biodegrade. The user may find that the Mutt Mitt bags as used as freezer bags may not be as useful as the bags that one can buy at the local grocery store. Since it may biodegrade, what chemicals might the user consume?

Earlier blog entry referring to “Freezer Bags”:

I have the responsibility of filling some Mutt Mitt containers along Tombstone Canyon Blvd. I noticed that the container near the Circle K empties more quickly than the other containers. One of the guys who spends much of the day at the “No Loitering” sign, at the bus stop, gave me some insight as to the reason for this. He told me that some people are using the bags as freezer bags.

Safeway carry out

I went to Safeway to get my prescription filled. Of course, I would have to wait for an half hour to get my drugs.

I was hungry for a candy bar. I went through the grocery line with a chocolate bar.

Since I had only one item I said that I didn’t need a bag. The cashier handed me my receipt. “Here you are Roger. Do you want help carrying things out?”

5 Fingered Discount

Quinn has an old car that he uses to get to work. Tom had taken the bus  to Safeway, and was buying his groceries. Quinn stopped at the Safeway on his way home from work. Quinn ran into Tom at the Safeway, and offered him a ride. Tom said “Sure”. Then he wouldn’t have to wait for the bus to get a ride home.

Tom waited for Quinn to get his groceries, and climbed into Quinn’s car. As they went toward home, Quinn said, “Hey, I hope you don’t mind, but I need to make a stop at the thrift store.” What could Tom say? Actually, he needed to get a winter jacket himself.

They each made their purchases, and returned to the car. As they drove away, Quinn said, “See what I picked up.” Besides the purchases that Quinn had made, he had stolen an almost new pair of gloves.

At this point Tom wished that he hadn’t accepted the ride. Quinn said, “Don’t worry about it. I always get a little extra when I buy anything there.”

Mighty Quinn

There is a spot just before the No Hitchhiking sign where people can catch a ride without being hassled by the cops.

I stopped in this spot to pick up Quinn. I was going to Safeway, Quinn was going to pick up a package at his grandmother’s place a quarter mile from Safeway. I agreed to drop him off at his grandmother’s. If he was back before I left Safeway I would give him a ride back into town.

Just as I finished getting my groceries, here comes Quinn, right on time. Quinn said it was no problem; he ran track in high school.

On the drive back into town, Quinn said that he had reformed his ways. I dropped him off in downtown Bisbee.

“When Quinn the Eskimo gets here, everybody’s gonna jump for joy.”*


* from Bob Dylan’s Quinn the Eskimo


Gabby Giffords was in Bisbee on Labor Day. She remains a hero, together with many who behaved heroically the day of the shootings in a Safeway parking lot.

Cab driver Joe Acosta’s first fare that day was Jared Loughner. According to Mr. Acosta he behaved quite normally. However, Loughner had to go into the Safeway to get change for a $20. Of course the driver had to go with him, in order not to lose his fare.

I imagine the cabbie’s state of mind. How his perspective would change from dealing with a cheapskate fare, to realizing that this is one fare he will never forget. Did he know that Loughner had a gun? How often does he transport gun-toting fares?