Too High

On the way back from Tucson we stopped at a convenience store in Sonoita. The wind was still blowing a lot. I wanted to use the restroom, but I couldn’t find the person who ran the place. So I just followed the signs to the restroom, which was occupied.

The restroom opened almost immediately. The person whom I needed to ask about using the restroom, popped out of the restroom.

Upon my leaving the restroom, there was a woman making a purchase. By the time I had selected my purchase, candy bars, the cashier was no longer on the scene.

I waited for what seemed an inordinate amount of time. Finally the cashier showed up.

The woman muttered to herself. I asked her if the wind always blew like this in Sonoita. She said that windstorms like this only hit a few times a year.

Then she asked where I was from. I said Bisbee.

She said, “The town too high to care.”