The gathering at the Bisbee Royale on election night began with an optimistic view. By 9 o’clock the results were not so positive. Many of the important states were carried by the Republicans.

The pollsters were way off. An approphal statement after the 1972 election, “I can’t believe it, everybody I know voted for him.”

What Time Is It?

On Sunday morning I was walking to the High Desert Market. I was stopped by a guy sitting on a rock ledge.
“Do you know what time it is”?
I said, “About 9”.
He said, “No, it is after 9”.

I thought, “Don’t ask me the question, if you already know the answer”.

Then he changed to beggar mode:
“Got any change”?
But he played the part without conviction.


I was walking downtown. Along the way I saw a family of four gathering up acorns. I paused to see what was happening. I asked the father how they ate the acorns. He said, “I don’t know English.”

I picked up an acorn, but the guy shook his head. This acorn had a crack in it. Instead he handed me an acorn without a crack. I ate it, and found that it was good and crunchy.

Is this manna* from heaven?
*manna = See Exodus 16


There is a grammar problem with how we Americans use “this” and “next”. If you tell me that you are going to do something next Friday, I had better ask the date. Otherwise, there is a good chance I going to have the wrong date for the event.

When I was in college, one of my professors, Dr Beferooz,  was an Iranian. He knew English better than most of us who had grown up with the language.

He was well aware of our collective dislike of getting up early in the morning. He taught a first period class that met on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. One Monday he announced that the next Thursday we would meet on Thursdays so that we could finish our class early, and be able to concentrate on our other end-of-semester obligations.

Come three days later be were all in class except Dr Beferooz. Two of the more senior members of the class went to see whether Dr Beferooz had forgotten us.

He said, “I didn’t say this Thursday, I said next Thursday”. He also had a wicked, twisted sense of humor.

Time Changes

[This was written after the changing of the clocks.]

This past weekend most of the nation adjusted their clocks because they went onto Daylight Saving Time. Time and time zones have been concepts that I didn’t excel at. Add to it the semi-annual changing of the clocks, and those of us who don’t function well with time have even more problems.

In fact I have a friend who lives in Minnesota, who I called on the eve of the time change, to ask him what time it would be in 24 hours. This was helpful until I moved to a different time zone. Then I had to learn the “Fall Forward, Spring Back”* or something like that.

Obviously, there were Mondays, following the weekend of the time change when I arrived at work either an hour or two early or an hour or two late. The solution to this problem appeared to be to move to Arizona. I thought that I had finally found a way to avoid the confusion of the semi-annual changing of the clocks, because as you folks who live in Arizona know, they don’t change the clocks in this state. [Unless you live in the Navajo Nation.]

Unfortunately this is not a complete solution. If I want to make an evening phone call to someone who lives out of state, I will find that I violated their desire to go to sleep at a reasonable hour.


Actually I think that the memory trick is “Spring Forward, Fall Back”