Can Thrower

A storm rolled  through the Mule Mountains. By the time we got home the storm the rain storm had passed, or so we thought.

We had lots of metal cat cans in the house, so we collected the cans. I trudged through the dark to the nearest trash dumpster. The lights were out as a result of the of the rainstorm. I had to be careful not to fall into a ditch.

I overshot the first recycle bin. By that time I realized that I had gone too far to turn around.

Then another problem occurred; the rainstorm resumed. I got really wet. was a warm rainstorm.

The next dumpster was a long distance away. As I walked along the street, I heard somebody throwing cans at me. At last, I reached the recycle bins. I recycled my cans, and did an about face.

I was a little concerned about the can thrower. I decided to speak before the can thrower did. As I returned home, I alternately chanted. “I Come in Peace” , and ” Please don’t throw things at me. You might hurt me.”

I reached home safely.




Target Greeter

The other morning I dressed in a red polo shirt and khaki shorts. These are Target’s standard colors/uniform.

I was standing toward the front of the Target entrance, waiting for Cheri.

Just then couple guys entered the store. One man went to fetch a cart; the other came towards me. I noticed that this guy had a couple of coupons. Suddenly we both realized what was happening. We both were embarrassed. He spoke first “Oops, I guess you aren’t the greeter.” I concurred with him.

He joined his friend, and I moved to a place that was less visible from the entrance.

Faith Healer

I had just finished paying for my meal at the register of the High Desert Market in Bisbee. A couple of guys walked into the deli. The younger of the two singled me out. He asked if I had tried lots of things to deal with my disease.

He said that he had the gift of healing. I told him that I was a  skeptic, but he prayed for me anyway.

Then he asked if I felt anything different. I said that I felt a tingling in my hands. He said that was a common thing for healing; he now launched into another prayer to “seal the deal”.

I progressed toward home with my walking stick. He told Denise, a deli employee, that I walked away, cured. Denise had seen me walking toward home numerous times, uncured.

The next attempt to heal me I think I will run away before the healer can catch me.

Hoarder ?

I got responses that had a different thoughts. Maybe the guy was living out of his car. However, the car seems to be too full to have room for his stuff, and him.

I have heard about people living of out of they “moved” to another city, especially a very expensive city like San Francisco.

In Bisbee, I heard the following statement, “I live in my car. I use the rent in order to make the house payments.”

Others use their storage units.


When I was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I lived in San Jose, CA. Over time the Parkinson’s symptoms started to show themselves more.

There was a McDonald’s in our neighborhood. One day I walked over to McDonald’s to get an evening meal. A woman, who appeared to be about my mother’s age, was also going to McDonald’s.

At about the approximately same distance the two of us noticed each other. I would have quickened my step to enable me to reach the door before the lady, to open it for her.

However, she had noticed that I was not particularly adept as an average person. She quickened her pace to reach the door before I did.