We were taking a motorcycle trip along Route 66. We stopped in Amboy, a town that had seen better days. A group had recently begun to restore the town.

The restaurant walls had autographed posters of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley under glass. Earlier in the day I had seen a sign for the newly re-opened restaurant in Amboy.

When we got to the Amboy, the restaurant technically was open. The menu had one entry. The guy at the front desk yelled, “Roy, we need another sandwich”.

Roy walked out of the back of the restaurant. In his right hand he had a slice of wonder bread, and in his left a slice of sandwich meat. He slapped the two slices together to make a sandwich.


Quality Breads

Delmont is an entrepreneur who bakes bread and sells it. Numerous residents of Old Bisbee buy his bread.

Other residents are concerned about the bread’s quality, because the health department has never checked Delmont’s bakery.

Bubba and Myrtle are in the category of don’t trust uninspected products.

They had some guests over the other day.  Their guests gave them a couple loaves of bread. They didn’t realise that they were from Delmont’s bakery. They seem to have survived the occasion.

Faith Healer

I had just finished paying for my meal at the register of the High Desert Market in Bisbee. A couple of guys walked into the deli. The younger of the two singled me out. He asked if I had tried lots of things to deal with my disease.

He said that he had the gift of healing. I told him that I was a  skeptic, but he prayed for me anyway.

Then he asked if I felt anything different. I said that I felt a tingling in my hands. He said that was a common thing for healing; he now launched into another prayer to “seal the deal”.

I progressed toward home with my walking stick. He told Denise, a deli employee, that I walked away, cured. Denise had seen me walking toward home numerous times, uncured.

The next attempt to heal me I think I will run away before the healer can catch me.