Dog Gone

Wednesday was the Open Dress Rehearsal for the Bisbee Obscure Production of “Death by Design”. In keeping with Bisbee “take-your-dog-everywhere”, the guy sitting next to me had his dog with him.

The highlight of the performance for me was when the cast broke into a dance, with the music turned much louder. The dog was startled and began to howl. The audience howled as well.

The guy took his dog out of the theater. Give the cast credit, they carried on without a break.

Freezer Bags

I have the responsibility of filling some Mutt Mitt containers along Tombstone Canyon Blvd*. I notice that the container near the Circle K empties more quickly than the other containers. One of the guys who spends much of the day at the “No Loitering” sign, at the bus stop, gave me some insight as to the reason for this. He told me that some people are using the bags as freezer bags.


* There are many dogs in Bisbee. The Mutt Mitt containers hold bags that are used for picking up dog poop. This is a service provided by the Bisbee Bloomers.