Modern Death

I met Modern Death on Halloween. He had a mask that covers his face entirely. He showed me who was under the mask. Then I saw that he had a plastic gun strapped around his chest.

It is a costume that could be making a statement about news reports that have been highlighted on the nightly news, or it could just be a comment on modern society. Modern Death is lucky that Bisbee isn’t a tinder box.

It is a good costume, but I personally wouldn’t dare wear it.

Whiskey Drinkin’ Woman

It was the Saturday before Halloween in Old Bisbee. The temperatures were fairly cool. Half the town was dressed in costume.

As I entered the Grand Saloon I was greeted by someone who had a mask with a long beard. “Hello Bro.” The difference is that I wear my face and beard year-around.

I sat down at the bar and ordered a sparkling water. From conversations around me, I realized that there were a fair amount of people visiting town from Phoenix or Tucson. When they find that I live in Bisbee, they respond with an envious, “I wish I could.”

An attractive young lady was dressed very scantily. She was dressed as an exhibitionist or a stripper. I asked her if she wasn’t cold dressed such as she was. She said that it wasn’t so cold because she was drinking whiskey.

Aha, that’s why I was cold, I didn’t have any anti-freeze.