Welle was Correct

Some years ago, I completed the work to obtain a teaching degree. There were several steps that were necessary to obtain our teaching degree, which seemed superfluous to us as students. One of these obligatory steps was to attend graduation. There was nothing that said that we had to be sober
We were lined up in alphabetical order. John Welle was more angry about the superfluous steps than the rest of us. He just happened to be next in the line before me. And he showed his anger by showing up late. And drunk.

By the time that we marched into the lawn area, I already wished that John had skipped the ceremony. The ceremony began with the national anthem. At the conclusion of the national anthem, John shouted, “Play Ball!”

The students who were within earshot of John, turned to get a better view of the shouter.  At this point, John shut up. Our neighbors didn’t know who did the shouting.

John expressed his opinion to the quality of many classes when he laughed out loud when a speaker’s comment that “we know you have all worked long and hard” to obtain your degrees.

In this case, John Welle was correct.

Can Thrower

A storm rolled  through the Mule Mountains. By the time we got home the storm the rain storm had passed, or so we thought.

We had lots of metal cat cans in the house, so we collected the cans. I trudged through the dark to the nearest trash dumpster. The lights were out as a result of the of the rainstorm. I had to be careful not to fall into a ditch.

I overshot the first recycle bin. By that time I realized that I had gone too far to turn around.

Then another problem occurred; the rainstorm resumed. I got really wet. Fortunately.it was a warm rainstorm.

The next dumpster was a long distance away. As I walked along the street, I heard somebody throwing cans at me. At last, I reached the recycle bins. I recycled my cans, and did an about face.

I was a little concerned about the can thrower. I decided to speak before the can thrower did. As I returned home, I alternately chanted. “I Come in Peace” , and ” Please don’t throw things at me. You might hurt me.”

I reached home safely.





The gathering at the Bisbee Royale on election night began with an optimistic view. By 9 o’clock the results were not so positive. Many of the important states were carried by the Republicans.

The pollsters were way off. An approphal statement after the 1972 election, “I can’t believe it, everybody I know voted for him.”

Target Greeter

The other morning I dressed in a red polo shirt and khaki shorts. These are Target’s standard colors/uniform.

I was standing toward the front of the Target entrance, waiting for Cheri.

Just then couple guys entered the store. One man went to fetch a cart; the other came towards me. I noticed that this guy had a couple of coupons. Suddenly we both realized what was happening. We both were embarrassed. He spoke first “Oops, I guess you aren’t the greeter.” I concurred with him.

He joined his friend, and I moved to a place that was less visible from the entrance.


We were taking a motorcycle trip along Route 66. We stopped in Amboy, a town that had seen better days. A group had recently begun to restore the town.

The restaurant walls had autographed posters of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley under glass. Earlier in the day I had seen a sign for the newly re-opened restaurant in Amboy.

When we got to the Amboy, the restaurant technically was open. The menu had one entry. The guy at the front desk yelled, “Roy, we need another sandwich”.

Roy walked out of the back of the restaurant. In his right hand he had a slice of wonder bread, and in his left a slice of sandwich meat. He slapped the two slices together to make a sandwich.