Baseball and the Stock Exchange

On a recent weekend the Copper Cities Classic was held in Bisbee. The Copper Cities Classic is a tournament of Vintage baseball teams.

On the Saturday night there was a couple of blues acts at the Stock Exchange* in conjunction with the baseball events. I went to the Stock Exchange for a while. I talked to one of the guys who told me that a couple of their players were injured.

The Stock Exchange has a table shuffleboard but the bar was too full for it to be used that evening. Somebody had propped a crutch against the table shuffleboard.

With all the people in the bar that evening, it was almost inevitable that the crutch would fall….several times.

Somebody suggested that I just put the crutch under the table shuffleboard. It just so happened that the crutch belonged to Clint, and somehow I realized this.

At a break in the noise I introduced myself to Clint. He looked at me strangely. Obviously in context he initially thought that this has a baseball connection.

Then it clicked. He said, “Pilates”. I nodded and as soon as I was about to say something the music resumed.


* The Stock Exchange is a bar that used to be a stock exchange.


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